Ralph Hotere

A sketch of Ralph Hotere, one of my favourite artists. I was at a Papergraphica the day I did this, learnt about their amazing work place, looked at a bunch wonderful work including Hotere lithographs.

Got immersed & that prompted me to sketch from a video I had out.

#0463 Ralph Hotere
Larger Image.


I thought I’d said more here about Hotere at the time, but, no. I will add more. Firstly some images. And links.


I recently saw this one in Te Papa, the photo does not do it justice as it looks like a sheet of tin here, which it is, but he has made it quite a blast with his marks on it.

The next two are from http://www.artsfoundation.org.nz/


And these from the Jane Land Gallery


More links:

Victoria University

Art NZ

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4 Replies to “Ralph Hotere”

  1. hi could you please tell me where you got the self painting of Ralph Hotere by Ralph Hotere (the one with the orange background)? or what media he used?
    thanks heaps
    p.s it for a school assignment

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