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#0765 Born Digital
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Had a great conversation with my friend Brian about the relationship between info and objects. He summed up an idea that has been bubbling in my blog posts with these words “born digital”. That is a central realization in the Thousand Sketches project. Art is either born physical, and then described or photographed to be digital, or it is born digital and made physical, it can have many physical forms.

One more image, followed by lots more and more TALK!

#0765 Born Digital
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I have had “real media envy” however printing on new “real media” (today it is 380 gsm rag Hahnemuhle Paper) has opened me up to new developments: born digital, made physical.

I am suddenly more interested in Andy Warhol. Making objects from the original… in his case often silk screens. How the objects are made counts, their digital birth is an interesting backstory, but not the whole story.


Not much about “Born Digital” on the web, but here there is a definition, that I am obviously not conforming to.

“Born Digital” Digital materials which are not intended to have an analogue equivalent, either as the originating source or as a result of conversion to analogue form.This term has been used in the handbook to differentiate them from 1) digital materials which have been created as a result of converting analogue originals; and 2) digital materials, which may have originated from a digital source but have been printed to paper, e.g. some electronic records.


Status nascendi. It holds a lot of fundamentals.


While I don’t want to dilute the power of the distinction I am making, between bits and atoms in art, what is the moment of birth of an image? I will be returning to that.

A question – plenty of questions.

4 Replies to “Born Digital”

  1. Walter, you are such a cyborg! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate it. I have responded to your question in my latest post, and filed the rest of your wisdom away in my brain. (Is a memory digital or analogue?)

  2. P.S. I need a category “incantations” or “ten zen seconds” so I can find your 8 finished incantations easily – if it’s no problem for you to do that?!? Thanks.

  3. I am not a cybor, apart from glasses, fillings, hearing aids and other prostheses, I was not born digital. The sketches are…. hm maybe they to have their birth in a more analogue place, a place like memory, which is in the metaxy, in the realm of the imaginal. The place where dreams come from and the muses live.

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