Ten posts about books in the Thousand Sketches project

Here are the 10 posts about books. Some posts are about more than one book. They often have a sketch of mine to go with them.

I bought, borrowed & read a hell of a lot more than that while doing the Thousand Sketches. But these are the ones I blogged. I loved them all.

Sometimes to get the the main book stuff you need to click “Read the rest of this item” that’s where I put images by other people.

From here on I am writing about the books I read on In this moment… and they are in a category called… Books. A vague new year resolution is to make more thorough reviews of each book. But who cares? The reviews on Amazon usually do all we need. Maybe I’ll just quote bits I like.

Lee Krasner


I am attracted to Lee Krasner’s work. I think it is her struggle, and how she is in Pollock’s shadow. True, any drip painting by Pollock shines, but behind that light I see the Krasner shadow. Her statements about art are ok too. I have an earlier sketch of her from a self portrait, this one is from a photo in the Hobbs book.

More art talk & images follow.

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Richard Diebenkorn


#0730 Richard Diebenkorn

A sketch from a photo in the book I am reading: The Art of Richard Diebenkorn. Great book. Reviews on Amazon say a lot, and say good things about this book.

I was struck by the Diebenkorn paintings in San Francisco – at the SFMoMA and at the De Young. I sneaked a picture. I will go on to say more about this artist & the Bay Area Figurative school. His work and a Matisse follow:

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What I am reading, looking at…

Blogging on the Progressive Grounds in Bernal Heights. Lovely place.

Met with Eric Maisel here to talk over creativity coaching and such matters. I got some good tips for walks in New York. Art links:

Walter Benjamin
“The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” – On Josh’s recommendation.

John Molyneux with a post on Tracey Emin. Following on from a discussion about the YBA.

Emily Prince And More from Emily. We stayed with Emily in Alta.

The Creativity Coaching Association. Eric Maisel pointed me in that direction.


Amazon.com: The Art of Richard Diebenkorn (9780520212589 ...

Loved this artist at DeYoung

Josh’s recommendation.

Just looked like it explored well the life drawing I have been doing. And found an old edition hardcover one of this across the road in the Red Hill Bookshop.

Which I was recommended at the San Francisco drawing group, and browsed art Emily & Shawn’s.

Been sketching here too.

The Journey

#513 The Journey
Larger Image.

11″ x 8.5″ image on 13″ x 19″ archival matte paper.

I read that Piet Mondrian, best known for his stark abstracts also painted flowers. They were never shown together. It would look good to see a small selection of my sketches, unified in style, printed out and framed.

In Eric Maisel’s A Writer’s San Francisco here (p.117) he is talking about some writers who have too many ideas:

Each wanted to make a something like a tapestry, only not a tapestry, or something like a book, only not a book, or something like pure process, whatever that might mean, or something like a gallery show, or an eventor a performance or… I knew what they were saying, I have a soul, and it is bursting.” I had to tell them both “You must choose.”

I’ll choose a style & a real media to work in later this year, I am looking forward to it, it might be oils on large boards with pallet pallet knife. First I will get to the 1000 sketches, focus, complete a project that still seems highly worthwhile, a necessary preliminary.

Amid the chaos I have been choosing. One way to see something more unified is to look at categories. Try Dreams for instance. I have a small set that includes this Journey sketch. I am calling it InsideOut , they express inner energy, and they are mostly digital oil. What do you think?

InsideOut Slideshow

What do you chose? Which ones hang together in your gallery? I’d be interested to hear. To browse older sketches you can use the thumbnails.