Mt Pete

#0976 Mt Pete


I am at Vic’s cafe in Christchurch. Pleased to be working on my blog at the end of my sabbatical. I have a few to post up! A few of the ones I am posting, perhaps all of them, are on the theme of Return. I am coming to the end of my project, hence returning to work, to normal, to the familiar. Mt Pete is familiar, we see it from the other side of our house, its moods never the same.


#0967 Kowhai

I am posting on the 8th November – but these were done almost a week ago at Mt. Lyford. Since then the exhibit has gone up and we had a good opening night!

The year of sketching is coming to a close and one thing on my mind in this last leg is to return. Return in many ways, to the earlier sketches, and to normal life!

Here is an earlier Kowhai.
From about a year ago.