Where do sketches come from?

I have a batch to post up, will do that soon.


It is a strange thing letting sketches flow out each day, where do they come from? I am a bit conflicted about my landscapes and sketches from nature & even representations of dreams and so on. Today I want spontaneity flow, splash, colour, texture, but I don’t want to “shout”. One seems just right, #304 Place 4, it will be here soon. It is the last one did & I often like the last one best. #290 Night Shadows is another that just flowed out, too easy!

I feel pressured to do more like Boardroom Café, doing those would develop skill.

Skill is one thing but I have all the skill I need for the more abstract ones like #304 and #297 they feel as if anyone could do them. Yet there are plenty that I delete and there is something to develop here too, not skill but something deeper, assurance, drive, love.

I printed “#304 Place 4” without borders, and so it would need to be framed with a mat around it, not over it, and I will need to sign it on the image. I like all that, there is development.

I already feel the resolution to my conflict – do it all.

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