Caroline Face Aoraki

#300 Caroline Face Aoraki
Click for larger image.

Back to my last day at Mt. Cook. I loved the walk to the Ball Shelter, this is pure nostalgia. I spent a lot of time here in 1996-7, first on a climbing course, then climbing many of the peaks in the area in the summer, and ski mountaineering in the spring.

There is no view of Aoraki while walking up to the shelter, it is blocked out by the range on the left. Once past the shelter I waked up to a point on the ridge and looked up at the Caroline face of Aoraki. Even though the height is forshortened from so close up, the mountain has a power, beauty and sheer impact that I do not see in my sketch. I don’t know how to do it!

Do I try something more literal? Or expressive?


How about a stretch?

0300_caroline copy

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