Cup Autopix 1

#364 Cup Autopix 1
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I have not forgotten what I wrote in an earlier post:

I can only do very few images in this blind way… I think developing a repertoire of these “autopix” will help my flow.

I did the next four with my eyes shut, (not the fill just the outlines) of course I deleted God know how many, but slowly the ability to do these is in my hand, not my head. Quite liberating, and I think the freedom comes through.

So the next few posts are more of this genre I call autopix.

Oh, they are done in one line. Ctrl z should delete the thing in one go.


This print is in a limited edition of 25 Giclée prints on A4, 21 cm x 29.7 cm archival paper. The image size is 13 cm x 13 cm. The next available print is: 1/25 Purchase Print


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