#0370 Elvis
Click for larger image.

1. I just read a great book.
2. The topic came up in a forum I am in.
3. I had the digital liquid ink pen in my hand & I could not help it.
4. It just occurred to me it would be fun to try an Elvis tag.
5. I am a fan!
6. Elvis looks like David, the classic artist subject.

How would it look printed on pure pink velvet?

The book of course is Tarzan Presley, by Nigel Cox, a great book with a few legal constrains around it, out of print & selling now for hundreds of $ – I have one & just finished it. The Elvis backstory is just right, he grew up with the apes in New Zealand!


Available in a limited edition of 25 prints, pigment ink on archival paper.

This print is available exclusively through the Allen Gallery in Chelsea New York. If you would like to purchase a print please contact Michel Allen.


See prints from the Thousand Sketches exclusive to the Allen Gallery.


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