I wanted to see these together. I am going against the digital tweaking ethos I gave myself, but then the computer got into a huff.

These three were done in the new ArtRage 2.5. It may seem like I am lauding a child’s toy, but it is the most wonderful toy. I see that with the stencils, new in the version I just installed, at this opportune moment, they have made ArtRage 2.5 highly non-pen friendly. It has whole new levels of functionality as one can add stencils, gradients, and textures of one’s own. It goes beyond a toy as it will work to an amazing depth, infinite depth. Annd innovative: Look at the ruler! They have made a ruler for cyberspace!

These are images: #0829 Stencil #0830 Stencil #0831 Stencil and you can click on them to see a larger one.

I had to use the full name of each image: eg #0829 Stencil so that any objects produced can phone home through Google. They will!

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